Dear Waldonet Customer


A few months ago we had informed our customers of our service discontinuation.  The date had been postponed to give customers further time to seek alternatives.  Now that sufficient time has passed we hereby inform you that the new termination date shall be the 10 January 2019.   All email, fax to email, and web hosting services shall seize to operate after the 10 January 2019.

You are once again advised to Download / Archive or backup all your email that is presently on Waldonet Servers as this shall not be accessible after the 10 January 2019.

All email addresses shall stop functioning and it will not be possible to send or receive any new emails.

Click on the Documentation section above for guidelines on how to archive / backup all your old emails.

As a temporary continuation service, we are able to offer an automatic response to anyone who sends email to your old email address and inform them of your new address.

Please send an email with such instructions to support@waldonet.net.mt should you wish this automatic response to be provided after the 10 January 2019.  After informing us with such instructions, and following the cut off date, please test this automatic response so as to ensure that the information is as you require.

This automatic response service shall be offered until 30 October 2019.

We thank you for your custom and will continue to assist you as best as we can during this transition.


Kind Regards

The Waldonet Management